Eight Years of Rowing

This past weekend was the Kerr Cup on the Schulykill in Philly, my last collegiate regatta. After eight years of rowing, on four different teams, in two countries, with more than seven coaches, numerous fours, eights, a pair, and even once a single, enduring countless lineups, 2ks, squats, and seat races, it hardly feels real that it’s over.

Let’s take a look back at the past third of my life, shall we?

crew4crew7 crew8 crew11 crew16 crew13 crew17 crew18 crew20 crew21 crew24 crew25 crew27crew32 crew42 crew45 crew47 crew48 crew49 crew50 IMG_0973 IMG_0977


scull1crew59 crew61 crew62 crew65 crew66

As a very a rough calculation, I have spent more than 2,100 hours on the water, probably just as many on the erg or in weight rooms, and more than half that time actually traveling to and from practices, races, and events. Altogether, I have probably been involved in upwards of 10,500 hours of crew, and even that seems low compared to how deeply I have thrown myself into the sport.

It is impossible to condense all the experiences those hours have given me into a short post or a series of photos. I have learned more about myself, my limits, and my goals, met some of my closest friends, seen some of the most beautiful sunrises you could ever imagine, and witnessed more acts of unbelievable teamwork and sportsmanship than I ever thought possible.

I owe everything to this sport, and I can’t wait to join a masters rowing team, maybe even coach one day, buy my children “Future Rower” onesies, and live on a lake and row my single every morning until I’m old and brittle.


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